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Enjoyable Escape Games for Birthday Celebrations

fun-escape-games-for-birthday-parties1Birthdays alone are already enjoyable. But one way to make it more thrilling is including a touch of thriller to the party. Not the usual food and booze with loud music party. Escape games are really trending nowadays and some individuals even make this a theme with their group buildings, family reunions, date nights, bachelorette celebrations and even birthday celebrations.

Escape games are set in a variety of imaginary locations such as dungeons, prison cells and spaceport station. You will have to utilize all the components of the room to leave within the set time limitation.

Real Escape Video game (REG) in Japan was established by 35-year-old Takao Kato of the Kyoto publishing company, SCRAP Co., in 2008. It is based in Kyoto, Japan and produces a free magazine by the same name. A Hungarian franchise that later on operated in 20 areas in Europe and Australia, was founded in 2011 in Budapest. The creator, Attila Gyurkovics declares he had no info about the Japanese escape games and based the video game on his task experience as character fitness instructor. Another escape space, “Origin”, was created in Silicon Valley by a group of system programmers in 2013.
In 2015, there were over 2,800 escape space places worldwide. These are particularly rewarding for the operators, as the upfront investment can be as low as US$ 7,000, while a celebration of 4-8 customers pay around US$ 25-30 per person for one hour to solve a room puzzle, having the ability to create yearly revenue in the series of several hundred thousand dollars.

This game has actually been a hit to all highly stressed students and over worked young specialists. In some cases the enjoyment ends up being a bit much, though, and gamers get so invested that they take apart equipment or designs inside their “phony” jails. The adrenaline rush that the gamers go through to make it in time to escape is excessive that adventurous types of individuals. Some individuals actually do not enjoy parties where they anticipate only drinking and dancing all night. Its really excellent to know that now in our generation we can pick from different kinds of things that we can do with our celebrations.

If you and your pals are among those daring kind of squad, then escape games on a birthday celebration will really be one great idea.Escape video game will be a most suggested fun birthday party theme if you are currently worn-out of the usual birthday celebration styles.


Countdown Games which is located in Lexington Kentucky offers REAL Escape game. Countdown Games offer users the possibility to engage problem fixing and puzzle skills in an entirely special way. With a few of the most significant escape spaces on the planet and the most thoughtful and interesting puzzles you and your pals will really take pleasure in. This video game will not only challenge you puzzle fixing skills but will likewise help you construct camaraderie with your pals while taking pleasure in and having a good time.

Countdown Games are built to have an uniquely various experience each time you come, equivalent in quality however really diverse in property and technique. Countdown games offers unique prices and timings on groups bigger than 25.


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